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The 2nd Missile Battalion 71st Artillery (Nike Hercules), U.S. Army, deployed to defend Taipei, Taiwan against air attack and invasion during the Taiwan Straits Crisis in September 1958. The battalion was a fully self-supporting mobile Nike Hercules fighting force with both conventional and nuclear capability in SAM and SSM technology.

The 2/71st Artillery carried a full medical complement and was supported by the following detached units: 178th Ordnance Detachment, 1st Signal Detachment, 31st Engineer Detachment, 554th Ordnance Company, and Augmentation (Signal) Troops. Total Force: 704 men.

As the crisis ground down and the PRC decide it was a bad idea to invade Taiwan, held by the ROC and defended by the United States, the 2/71st trained Chinese Army counterparts forming the 1st Missile Battalion Chinese Army. Having completed it's mission, the 2nd Missile Battalion 71st Artillery was deactivated in August 1959 and went home. A victory for the good guys. Today, the democratically elected government and the economic success of the Republic of China on Taiwan is a fitting tribute to that victory.

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